Scientology cult of greed

Scientology cult of greed

A very popular article about Scientology, dianetics and the works of L Ron Hubbard as well as David Miscavige. As the Scientology the world saw then, although the fact based article appear to have been less popular inside the cult


Scientology Sucks David Miscavige

The ecclesiastic leader of Scientology after L Ron Hubbard, Mr David Miscavige is responsible for over 2070 registered domains URL, some of them is in the name of their top chiefs and former top bosses of the church of Scientology like Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder - just 2 of the top bosses who have left the church of Scientology to tell their story.

Sucking and Scientology Suck seems to be of interest to the leader of the spiritual technology since the registration of org Scientology suck in many form seems to be an expression of the wanted taste. But most domain is of cause registered in the name of David Miscavige over 70 in different typing of the name in org, com, name, and so on ... even Michelle Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige, the long missing wife of the great leader David Miscavige has been registered. That's just one of the things Scientology and its managements has been known for in the history of man.¨¨

David Miscavige is really welcome to tell his story about the investment in Scientology sucks com org ...


Scientology History - To start in the beginning

In the written language of mankind the history of Scientology starts 1901 with some definitions ...

The History of Scientology

The History of Scientology

All things is not really science but only Scientology... Wrote Allen Upward in his book "The new Word" 1901, the first edition was anonymus but the later had his name on the cover.

Netting the gravity of assembler and the shell codes of decoding as a dyslectic echo 


All this is not really science, but only Scientology.
It is language. It is the magic lullaby in which the
shapes of things melt and reshape themselves forever.
And so, when we would try to stop that wheel
we call the mind, and look between the spokes, at
once the All-Thing in its turn begins to spin about
us, and all which it contains to slide and glide away :

Allen Upward The New Word

Scientology secrets

Maybe that's why there are so many different badges on the net


Scientology Bridge

Click in the fairy-teller founder of Scientology to get the Scientology secrets by L Ron Hubbard and so on at


Or join Spiritual tourism & Holy travel - inspecting secret Scientology church bases on earth - and look at the earth life from above - look at the believed holynesses from a flipping flop in the sky. From a Drone or from your private UFO that you never can have since the UFO is defined as an unidentified object.


-Hey Space!


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Thanks to anonymous we now can show the flip in flop closeup to the once so very secret Scientology base twin peaks near Lake Arrowhead in California.

Scientology Twin Peaks Drone LOW Inspection Ride straight from [Scientology LRH] youtube - The leader of Scientology today David Miscavige is not a very popular person and has been declared a suppressive person by John Atack. David Miscavige's wife Miscavige has not been seen in public officially for a long time now and the reputation tells about the Scientology gulag expeditions

Michele Diane Miscavige is said to be in the Twinpeaks base near lake arrowhead.

Scientology LRH

Scientology atomic and molecular base topology in their density of beliefs and pretended beliefs.

L Ron Hubbard in short LRH, the man behind Scientology and dianetics. The company who love to label them-self as the Scientology Church and its new leader David Miscavige. L Ron Hubbard LRH

Scientology all stories not told critics destroyed



Scientology tries to destroy the critics and truth about scientology

Scientology try to destroy ...

As an essay in the darkrooms of the light --


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The once super secret Scientology twin peaks base by drone - flip in flop from the sky above into the holy materialistic s

CST HQ Church Scientology once super secret headquarters in Lake Arrowhead east of Los Angeles near Twin Peaks California.

The video was the first from anonymous shown in other places and channels. Scientology from above and the perspective of an alien as a drone. The founder L Ron Hubbard and the cult leader today David Miscavige in true topology map to real architecture of their thought language.

25406 State Highway 189 Twin Peaks CA 9239125406 State Highway 189 Twin Peaks CA 92391

Scientology critics seems to face terrorism from an Scientology-Dianetics based organization created by LRH or Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Acts of terrorism has been described again and again. This channel will feature video's about the acts of terror and terrorism from that organization with all it's faces. Actions from Scientology in order of suppressing truth about Scientology as an organization reveal what some says to be a direct actions against free speech and civilization in itself.

Just by labeling a person as a WOG, raw meat or Homo SP or Suppressive Person can a Scientologist mind avoid of realizing the obvious - That Scientology is suppressing to free speech and civilization in itself. The terror the organization has been shown to do is really acts of terrorism, threatening the fundaments of society by pretending something else and have another package outside of the full-blown corporate neglect of equal human values. Critics have no value!

Scientology tried to destroy

Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper


Scientology tried to destroy

How the Church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper: The Unbreakable Miss lovely – who managed to survive the Scientology terror – read the story about how limitless Scientology attack it’s Critics in order to destroy. Author Tony Ortega. Ortega blogs at Scientology LRH OT


Anonymus vs Scientology

Anonymus vs Scientology and


Maps of Scientology bases Twin Peaks base Gold base


Leah Remini Scientology And The Aftermath S01E01 by brandy-forsman LeaH
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Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior,

Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior

by Mark Marty Rathbun an Ex scientolog,


Scientology LHR

LRH or Lafayette Ron Hubbard not just a madman but an guitar expert motorcycle mc man who used to crash and hurt himself, but also a sci-fi writer who made up scientology and a lot of verified lies.


LRH scientology

Much of what you never hear from those who are prevented from saying that-are ridiculed or threatened to reveal how humbly and negligently an exaggerated holy shit looks down on their members who believe everything is only to help conquer the world-or forgive Helping the world to end up in the right hands, maybe it's better known to anyone who wants to take over .. for truth is often far away.

what is wrong with scientology

what is wrong with Scientology by Mark "Marty" Rathbun, who now left Scientology and the anti-Scientology movement.




Marty Mark Rathbun

Marty Rathbun with wife


scientologist at war

Scientologist at war

since they simply does not accept critics in a reasonable way

Scientology LRH

Fair Game

Fair Game, the Scientology way of pure terrorism against anyone who are critic and expresses critics to Scientology. Since you are just Homo Sapiens and they are - Homo .... Much higher than you. Since it is so, the same rules can not apply to Ubermenschen and you - you should know ...

Hubbard LRH

[Church of Scientology tried destroy Paulette Cooper]

Scientology LRH by OT

How the church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper By Tony Ortega – The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.  A Good book with a lot of spine behind.

Scientology LRH by OT

[Ex Scientology L Ron Hubbard by OT]

Church of Scientology tried destroy Paulette Cooper

Scientology as defined by the ex users is an important aspect of it all. Since that population probably is the worlds most knowing populations in the adverse effects of Scientology and topics nearby as Dianetics and the author L Ron Hubbard or LRH.

Church of Scientology tries to destroy truth


Church of Scientology tried destroy Paulette Cooper, but she made it - every one does not...

Scientology what is

Scientology life guru information pack

Scientology LRH

Scientology Life Guru is ...



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Scientology LRHThank you Scientology LHR For this good start in highlighting the monetary darkness that manipulation, religion and free speech in our societies basically by terror. is coming and is here already. have a nice day :)2017-06-08 22:50
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